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Yoga for Heart

Our life span primarily depends on the functioning of the heart. Routine heart exercise and proper diet are major requisites to maintain a healthy heart.
You are at a greater risk of a heart attack if you do not exercise. Lack of physical activities and heart exercise can be a life-threatening factor which might culminate in the worst heart diseases, both in men and women.
We suggest "Capsules of Yoga" for people who cannot find time i.e Doses of 5 minutes of Yoga as and when time permits. Just like a medicine capsule they work wonders on specific issues when done repeatedly. Our inexpensive, two month personalized program provides monthly consultations with unlimited phone support for effective, long term natural relief.

Activities of a heart

Our heart has essentially two distinct, but anatomically connected pumps:
Right side - Receives blood from body and pumps blood into lungs to gather oxygen.
Right side - Receives blood from body and pumps blood into lungs to gather oxygen.

Yoga Research related to heart exercise

It has been revealed from various research studies that chronic stress is the main factor of heart and other systemic disorders. Sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve controls helps in evaluating the heart rate variability (HRV) due to stress and anxiety.
A research was conducted to observe the effect of regular yogic practices and self-discipline in reducing body fat and elevated lipids in CAD patients. In this study one hundred seventy (170) subjects, of both sexes having coronary artery disease were randomly divided in to two groups in yoga group and in non-yoga group, Body fat testing and estimation of lipid profile were done of the both groups at zero time and after six months of yogic intervention in yoga group and without yogic intervention in non yoga group. Duration of the program for study was 35-40min/day. It was concluded from this study that there was significant reduction in the total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, DBP, SBP, and heart rate after a regular practice of Yoga for 6-month period. Therefore yogic practice is beneficial for cardiac patients and it reduces the risk of coronary artery disease.

Heart and Exercise

Regular exercise, especially the specific healthy heart exercise, helps your heart to become stronger, so that it can pump more blood into your body with minimum effort. Indeed, if you exercise regularly, you are less likely to develop heart diseases, as compared to those who don’t exercise. Exercise can also help reduce symptoms of high cholesterol and high blood pressure, which may otherwise, be disastrous for the heart.

The following are the benefits of exercise :

  • Strengthen heart and cardiovascular system lowering the possibility of heart diseases as well as heart attacks. Along with other exercises, the heart attack exercise should also included.
  • Improve circulation and help your body to use oxygen better.
  • Increase energy levels so that you can do more activities without getting tired or short of breath.
  • Decreases blood pressure.
  • Improve muscle tone and strength.
  • Improve balance and joint flexibility.
  • Strengthen bones.
  • Help to reduce body fat and reach a healthy weight.
  • Help to reduce stress, tension, depression and anxiety.
  • Improve sleep and making you feel more rested and relaxed.
  • Make you look fit and feel healthy.


Pavanmuktasana with right legConsistent practice of this asana lowers the heart rate and increases oxygen to the body, which results in higher cardiovascular endurance.
Sukho GomukhasanaPlays an important role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as, heart attacks, coronary heart diseases and hypertension.
Sukhasana This posture reduces tension in the scalp and keeps the hair healthy.
Leg lifting Reduces stress and promotes the circulation of blood in the head.


Ardhakurmasana Removes stress and stimulates hair growth.
Matsyasana Practicing this asana increases the blood circulation in the scalp and reduces stress.
Pavanmuktasana This asana promotes thick healthy hair and the growth of new hair.
ShirshasanaStimulates hair growth and promotes the growth of new hair.
SabasanaA relaxing posture that also plays a positive role in hair growth.