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About Dr. Mahesh Chandra Arya (Sw.Mahanathananda Saraswati)
Dr. Mahesh Chandra Arya (Sw.Mahanathananda Saraswati) is direct disciple of H.H. ParamHansa Sw.Satyananda saraswati Founder President of Bihar School of Yoga and international Yoga Fellowship movement. He tookes yoga Teacher Training in March 1980 under personal guidance of his guru. He starts teaching yoga and again initiated in Kriya yoga , mantra yoga in November 1985.

He also took Karma Sanyas Deeksha by his guru and given spiritual name Swami Mahanathananda Saraswati.

Dr. Arya is M.D. is Alternative medicine, M.B.A. (H.R.) M.Phil (Yoga). Post Graduate Diploma in Preventive and promative Health care from Apollo Hospital group.

Post Graduation Diploma in (PGDMDPN, TNPSU Chennai)

He is also study various courses in medical Astrology Vastu, Karma Kand. Philosophy culture and religion from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan.

Now he is fully devoted in Yoga Research work. He has written a case Study on corporate executives. “Can Yoga practice really effects on executive stress management?”is his M.Phil Degree.

Registered Member

  • Board of Indian Medicine
  • Indian Board of Alternative Medicine
  • International Naturopathic Organaization
  • All India Management Association