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Obesity is no sin, prevent and cure through Yoga for Weight Loss

In this jet age, people who tend to put on weight should take advantage of yoga for weight loss as the best option. The fact is that obesity is no sin. It is perhaps the most common health concern. It affects both men and women of all ages.

It is observed that the fat cells in people with normal weight do not tend to increase much, compared to people who are obese. which can help to get rid of the extra fat cells from the body.

Those who are overweight have more fat cells in the stomach, hip, back and buttocks. When fat accumulates in the body, the fat cells grow in size. Obesity is the accumulation of fat in our body.There are several yoga for weight loss.

Body Fat Analysis

Intake of proper and nutritious food is very important to keep oneself healthy and fit. Balanced diet leads to proper growth of the body. There is a normal ratio of body height and weight. Normal fat, fatty and obese is determined through calculating the ratio of weight and height.

Modern science indicates the proper weight in relation to height. The ratio of weight and height of a person is called Body Mass Index (B.M.I).

B.M.I. = Weight in Kg/Height in meter square


Spot Running - Regular practice of this exercise helps to burn calories, thereby reducing weight.
Jumping - This exercise exerts pressure on the whole body which in turn may result in weight loss.
Side Bending - By this exercise our waistline does not become smaller or reduce it, but it gives it a shape.
Sit Up - If you practice this exercise in the proper way and your heart starts pumping faster, you tend to burn extra calories, thereby resulting in weight reduction.


Dhanurasana - Improves strength and reduces abdominal fat and strengthens abdominal muscles.
Uttanapadasana - Reduces the stomach fat and strengthens the thigh, waist and hips.
Pavanmuktasana - This asana is practiced by bending and contracting the abdominal muscles by which the muscles are massaged and this helps in circulation and burning up of excess fat.
Suryaved Pranayam - This pranayam aids in maintaining an erect demeanor and is beneficial for both physical and psychological fitness