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The Absolutely Natural Skin Care Treatment

Introduction To Skin

Skin is the protective organ of our body that covers the whole body and the organs inside it. It protects us from getting hurt, external attacks from virus and bacteria, and variation in temperature. It also forms Vitamin D inside our body and protects us from the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. Skin is formed with nerve receptor, hair follicle and sweat gland. On the other hand it also absorbs, preserves, sweat out the oily things and exchange gases. The absolutely natural skin care treatment is yoga.

Skin is mainly made up of two layers. The upper layer is called epidermis and the lower layer is called dermis. Epidermis and dermis has different layers. They are as follows:

  • Stratum corneum layer.
  • Stratum glanulosum layer.
  • Stratum granulosum layer.
  • Malpisium layer.
  • Basal layer.
  • Granular layer.
  • Ludium layer.
  • Keratin layer.
  • Cholazen layer.

Important facts about skin

Skin plays a very important role in protection of beauty. Beauty is one of the most desired and dedicated wealth of human kind. We can retain our youth by keeping our skin healthy. 50 years older person can also look like a 35 year old one. There are many types of skin in our body. 1) Dry skin 2) Oily skin 3) Mixed skin 4) Rough skin 5) Smooth skin 6) Sensitive/Responsive skin 7) Natural skin etc.

1) Dry skin: The strength of dry skin is very less. As a reason, dry skin gets cracked easily. The face wrinkles get more cleared due to dryness. Skin can also get dry due to hormone. Skin naturally gets dry with age. This type of dry skin needs much more care. In winter and summer, it requires more care for the protection of this type of skin.

2) Oily skin: This type of skin looks soft and glossy. Pimples, face spots can occur more due to excess oil in the skin. Oily cells generate excess oil due to which skin pores get closed and formation of dirt occurs. As a result, pimples occur.

3) Mixed skin: The larger portions of the population have this type of skin. It is seen that few portion of the skin is cleared and normal whereas few portion is oily. The oily part is largely visible in the area of ear. To see whether the skin is oily, just take a tissue and rub on your face lightly. You will notice that few portion of it is oily and remaining portion is clean. This type of skin is referred to as mixed skin.

4) Rough skin: This skin is not dry. Wrinkles, irregular, different kinds of roughness are seen. Harshness is felt in this type of skin.

5) Smooth skin: This skin is very soft, thin and sensitive. It is so smooth, thin and soft that minimal pressure or scratch can harm it.

By applying different skin care creams and lotions, many people try to take care of their skin. But inner beauty and mental peace enhances the glamour of the skin for a long time.

Maintenance of skin

Taking care of skin is known as maintenance of skin. The following are necessary points for taking care of skin:-

Food: Be conscious about food. Most of the skin problems occur from stomach. It is better not to eat oily and fried foods. Taking protein, vitamin related foods mainly anti-oxidant foods like oranges, lime, apple, water-melon etc. fruits and vegetables on high amount keeps beauty of your skin.Mainly Vitamin A, C and E play a vital role in taking care of skin.

Vitamin A - It increases the glow of skin as protein that helps to increase the glaze and glamour of skin. It also works on skin as fat soluble vitamin. Red-coloured food is more helpful in keeping glaze-glamour of skin. Red-coloured fruit and vegetables contain more Vitamin A. Different kinds of vegetables and green fruits contain more Vitamin A.

Vitamin B -It helps to maintain tightness of skin by producing cholozen. It works as anti-oxidant in body.

Vitamin C -It is also called ascorbic acid. It helps to filter out the oil or oily foods. It protects the body from decaying and also age spots. It increases the immunity power and easily heals any injuries. It protects the heart by controlling the cholesterol level. Vitamin C is useful for sun burnt skin. Guava, lime, oranges etc. contain Vitamin C.

Vitamin E - It works as fat soluble compound and anti-oxidant. It is necessary in repairing ageing, for longevity of youth and also protects from germs.

Sleep: It is very important for skin. Regular 6-8 hours sleep is necessary. It is the normal work of body. Skin remains healthy if it gets proper rest.

Exercise and asana: Exercise, yogasan, walking, swimming, playing plays a vital role in keeping the skin healthy and beauty. Remember that dhyan and yogasan keeps and protects young looking of skin. The flow of pituitary gland and thyroid gland, hormones of parathyroid gland helps in maintaining the layers of skin.

Aroma therapy: Aroma means fragrance. The treatment of skin by the extracts of different fragrance added flowers is called aromatherapy. It is done with the extracts of rose, lavender etc.

Massage therapy: It is passive way of blood circulation. Blood circulation in skin is one of the organic systems. Normal blood flow directly increases the health of the skin, repairs it as a result skin glows. Massage therapy helps to maintain young skin for a long time. It increases blood circulation through micro massage by vibrating various skin glands.

Stress-tensionless skin: Tension, curiosity, stress harm skin. As a result, wrinkles and ageing can be noticed easily. Engage at work, do asanas, pranayam, dhyan. Remain tensionless, stressless helps our skin remain healthy.

Skin Exercises

Yoga breathing Natural Treatment for Skin
Deep breathing This breathing technique keeps the skin smooth and exudes inner calm and greater energy.
Neck exercises These exercises can tighten the skin and prevent it from sagging.
Sit Up Increases the energy level which in turn, reflects on the skin by keeping it soft and without any marks or pimples.

Skin Asanas

Pabanmuktasana Cures stomach problems such as indigestion, gas and constipation which, if not treated will reflect on the skin in the form of acne, pimples etc.
Ardha KurmasanaProper exercising of this asana relieves all stomach disorders and gives a youthful look.
SashangasanaPerformance of this asana adds glint to the face and the skin appears smooth and healthy.